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AmeriGlo Trooper Sight

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AmeriGlo, Trooper, Sight, Fits Glock 42 and 43, Green Tritium with Orange Outline Front, Green Tritium Black Serrated Rear

    • Sight set with green tritium lamp
    • orange or luminescent green outline front and two green tritium lamp rear for Glocks
    • Highly visible under all lighting conditions.
    • LumiGreen paint will glow brightly for 10 minutes after light exposure.

    SKU: GL-823


    Product Description

    AMERIGLO is committed to manufacturing the highest quality tritium, painted dot, fiber rod, and custom OEM iron sights for the modern hand-gunner. With the largest selection of set options for leading firearm brands, AMERIGLO brings a clear advantage to your shooting experience on and off the range.


    Part Number: GL-823
    Availability: In Stock.

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